Clare Crochet Blankets

About Me

Clare Crochet BlanketsThank you for visiting my website… I hope you will soon be a recipient of an Award Winning Clare Crochet Blanket!

I have been making crocheted blankets for babies and grown-ups since 2013. Although mainly bought as gifts for friends and family (and some very pampered pets who now own them), my snuggly blankets have made the perfect accessory and keepsake.

If you’re looking for a unique blanket or throw as a special gift for yourself, someone you love, or for a baby celebration, you will find the perfect present here.

When I crochet something, it’s a part of me. When I’ve finished a blanket, I feel proud because I’ve created it. When you buy a blanket from me, you are not receiving a gift that is manufactured, every stitch is unique!

Theo Paphitis SBS Winner 2020When I am not crocheting (which is highly unusual) I am a proud Mum, to a Daughter and a Guardsman, also wife to an Army Veteran of 24 years’ service. I have a good understanding of army life and enjoy promoting and supporting people and businesses, from the Armed Forces Community.

I was delighted to be chosen by Theo Paphitis to be a Small Business Sunday (#SBS) winner on 24th February 2020, for my handmade crocheted blankets. I was also chosen as a #Queenof winner (Twitter @ADG_IQ) and am officially Queen of Snuggly Blankets!!!   

Crocheted with love,

from Clare x